The Women’s Revitalization


Revitalize * Redesign * Reconnect

An Ageless Revolution! 

SEPTEMBER 4 – 11, 2020

Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.

– David Bowie

We’re just getting started!

In this online, speaker-style summit, we’re shaking up a ridiculous myth: that the best of life has passed after 50!

In fact, we’re confident in saying that it’s JUST GETTING STARTED – the BEST is yet to come!

If you’re like us, you’re a midlife warrior – full of sass – lots of savvy – and – ready to live. You’ve gained confidence and wisdom from your life experience. You’ve conquered a lot!

And yet? It’s taken it’s toll. You may feel like the years of working hard and “doing all the right things” somehow wasn’t enough. You may find yourself wondering if there’s still time to manifest your dreams? Find your authentic voice and self…

I’m here to tell you that it’s time for a movement…


We’re ready to embrace every gray hair and DESIGN our SASSIEST, HAPPIEST chapters! The best is yet to come…

Are you with us?

Have you found these things keep coming up for you:

  • life’s an impossible balancing act starring: Hormones,  Emotions and Your body’s betrayal (what happened to my a$$?)
  • issues with your money story that are interfering with manifesting retirement and financial freedom
  • struggling with your partner; intimacy and connection just aren’t the same 
  • it’s just rough… feeling engaged, excited, and motivated seem like distant memories, you long to feel alive, connected, and motivated 
  • feeling like you’re in an identity crisis of sorts…kids are gone, met all your career goals…now what?

and you’re ready to:


Receive tools, tips and resources to feel alive, engaged, and motivated.


Assess what YOU need, want, and desire then deisgn your road map! 


Reconnect to your authentic self, voice, and vibrancy.

then, you’re in exactly the right place!

Meet Dr. Julie Merriman, PhD.

Hi, I’m Dr. Julie.

Believe me when I say, I’m honored you’re here.

I’ve been a professional counselor for over 20 years. I’ve seen countless resources for women of a certain age, but most left a gaping hole in what most of us really want… to experience delight, joy, and connection the leads to living a HOT & HAPPY life!

So, this summit is for YOU all about YOU.

Helping you connect with your authentic self to design your next chapter(s). Re-discovering the intiuition and tools to identify, communicate and create a new level of being. We’re the Ageless Revolution – breaking free from the “women of a certain age” status quo!

Energy work, mindset adjustments, money story clearing, chakra healing, sustainable self-care, sexy sex, self-acceptance, feeling beautiful and strong, empowerment… it’s all here and wrapped into a single online, virtual event that you can access from ANYWHERE.

Are you ready to live the most VIBRANT chapter of your life?

It’s your turn.

Meet the Official Summit Speakers!

Experienced, up-to-date, and in-the-know, meet the leading trailblazing women of our summit.

Summit Host, Dr. Julie Merriman, PhD

Licensed Professional Counselor & Wellness Professional, Revitalization Coach, Julie Merriman

Wanda Williams

Empty Nest Coach & Soul Alchemist, WCW Coaching

Patricia (Trish) James

Image Stylist and Trainer, DVTD | Premier Designs

Kimberly Brenner, LCSW

Therapist & Relationship Coach, Kimberly Brenner Coaching

Leslie Thomas Flowers

Women's Coach & 4X Bestselling Author, Leslie Flowers Enterprises, LLC

Barb Beck

Author, Relationship Coach, Founder & President, Revolutionary Love

Dana Zarcone

10x Bestselling Author & CEO / Founder, The Liberated Laptop Lifestyle

Betty Barnett

Transformational Money Archetype Coach, Betty Barnett Coaching

Deborah Oronzio

Owner & Career Strategist, Self-Empower Coaching

Estelle Gibson, CPA, ACC

TED Speaker & Financial Empowerment Speaker, Journey to Freedon

Lauren Chiren

Menopause Coach & Director, Women of a Certain Stage

Lorna Hollinger

Tapping EFT Trainer and Master Practitioner, Founder & CEO, Australian Tapping Institute

MaQueba Massey

Founder and CEO, Financial IQ

Michelle Perez Newman

Midlife Coach & Host, The New Mid

Neha Lata

Self-Love Coach, Founder and CEO, NehaSonney

Rebecca Antonelli

Aging Expert & Founder, DeAgify

Renee Sunday

"Top 100 Anesthesiologist", Ordained Minister, Self-Help Coach, Renee Sunday

Vanessa Mbamarah

CEO, Marketing & Brand Strategist, Ztallion, Ztallion


The Women’s Revitalization Summit

Speakers will share insights and resources regarding:

    • Tips & tools to shift mindset for self-empowerment in the golden age.
    • Understanding financial needs, changes and opportunities… confronting your old money stories!
    • Moving from corporate or long-term careers into digital, nomadic, or flexible income lifestyles.
    • Navigating menopause with new tips, tricks and resources.
    • Creating your next goal, creating a step-by-step plan and achieving your goal through method-based approaches.
    • Tapping: a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system, and body all at once.
    • Recreating your confident style and getting dressed on purpose.
    • Creating sex & intimacy in your best life chapter yet!
    • Proactively approaching the aging process (and setting loving expectations!)
    • Finding motivation in your life experiences… allowing that to propel you forward.
    • Creating a more responsive spouse after 50!

    Revitalize, reconnect, redesign, and connect to the new confident, fit, & sexy version of you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I get access to recordings if I have to miss an interview?

    Yes! Attendees will have access to all recordings for 90 days after the summit ends. Login and access full recordings of each interview/presentation as much as you like during that time. Please note: not all downloads, resources, checklists and free tools from speakers will be available for the full 90 days… download them right away!

    How can I learn more about one of the speakers?

    You can learn about each speaker in a variety of ways! Each speaker listed above has a link to their direct page, and are also mentioned within your registration welcome details. They’ll also be providing exclusive resources, downloads, recordings and/or other tools for each member during the summit. Lastly, we’ll be highlighting each speaker via our Facebook Business Page!

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